English 8 News Article; A Man Called Ove

English 8 News Article; A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove Book Cover A Man Called Ove
Fredrick Backman
Washington Square Press(US)
May 2015

Spain Bus Crashes, Harming Many

By: Elsa M.

Norran News Association

Wednesday April 9, 1980

Madrid Spain

On Monday, a bus in Getate, Madrid Spain crashed on its way to San Fermín, Madrid Spain. The bus crashed into the central barrier while transporting 13 passengers, killing 2, one being an unborn baby.

Police state that when they first arrived they saw the bus laying on its side, with the windshield shattered onto the floor inside. Three more cars crashed into the buses back end. Many passengers were taken to the hospital.

After talking to chief police and surviving passengers it is to say that the bus driver’s breath smelled of alcoholic beverage before the bus departed. A man traveling with his wife was interviewed and shared “We were on vacation before our baby arrived, and when boarding the bus, the driver smelled strongly of alcohol. That man’s carelessness robbed me of being a father.”

Another passenger shares the feelings, forever in common with the people around her. “The bus scraped along the central barrier, and then as if time had stopped, a moment of silence came before the explosion of splintering glass as it showered down on top of me. Screeching and twisting metal as the cars behind rammed into the bus.”

Paramedics tell that the woman driving the car directly behind the bus broke her right leg and arm. Those in the other 2 cars did not have any life threatening injuries but did suffer an immense amount of pain from cuts and bruises.

The crash ended up killing 2, paralyzing 1, and injuring 15 including those in the cars following. The driver is currently in a coma. If he comes to, he will be sentenced to 3 years in prison as he killed and injured many with his drinking and driving. 

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