Multimedia Apps Website

Multimedia Apps Website

I am just finishing my website for Multimedia Apps! It was a long process and there are definitely some things that I learned. Here are some of my best pieces of advice for anyone else creating a website:

Dear future Multimedia Apps students, 

You’re starting one of the biggest projects you’ll do: your website. I learned a lot doing this project and hopefully these are a few pointers that will help you as you get started.

  1. Have a plan. Take the time to devise a complete plan for what your website will entail and include – the discussions and assignments really help you to think through these aspects.
  2. Look at the rubric before starting and throughout the project to make sure you aren’t missing a big step.
  3. Use every second you are given in class. This is advice given by pretty much everyone, but it is because it is that important.
  4. Choose a topic you will thoroughly enjoy because it takes a lot of time and it is more interesting and fun if you are excited about what you get to learn for the project. 

It is frustrating at times, but you can do it! It starts off challenging, but once you get going it just gets easier.


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